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Via the parameter [number of frame retries] it is defined how many times the message is to be FCB bit for each new SEND/ CONFIRM or REQUEST/ RESPOND transmission service directed to the same secondary station.

The parameter [time window] determines the time in 1/10 seconds that the program SIMO as primary station at most has to wait for an acknowledge before the transmission is repeated.

The protocol IEC 60870-5-101 and IEC 60870-5-104 is also available in the LIAN 98 Software, running under the operating system Microsoft® Windows® ( 32/ 64 bit ).

see : LIAN 98 Protocol Router, Simulator and Analyzer If balanced transmission procedure is used, each station may initiate message transfers.

The master station (master) is the primary station that initiates all message transfers while outstations are secondary stations (slaves) that may transmit only when they are polled.

The unbalanced mode can be used generally, but must be used in party line configuration.

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